The Ocean Race Summit

by | Sep 18, 2020 | Ocean Conservation

Photo Credit – Sam Greenfield/Volvo AB

Live Ocean co-founder Peter Burling joins global voices for the ocean in The Ocean Race Summit #3. The series brings together leaders and other change-makers to share solutions and winning strategies to help restore ocean health, inspired by the spirit of ocean racing. Check out Peter’s chat with Mark Towill, CEO of the 11th Hour Racing Team.



Sally Paterson

Sally Paterson

Sally Paterson is the Chief Executive of Live Ocean. She's a passionate advocate for the need to accelerate our understanding of our ocean, the life in it and the role New Zealanders play in the global ocean agenda.


We know it takes the right team to achieve a massive goal. We want Kiwis to come around this big, ambitious vision and put their shoulder to it. We also know having fun is an important part of any mission. Being an ocean lover isn’t enough anymore, we need to be ocean champions.

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