In order to drive positive change, we rely on the generosity and support of fellow ocean lovers. Generous private donors cover our operating costs, so you can donate knowing your whole gift goes to ocean protection and restoration projects. Live Ocean is a registered charity in New Zealand.

100% of your donation goes to Live Ocean’s projects.


A huge thank you to our donors that support Live Ocean. Being able to say to the public that we pass on 100% of their donation is incredibly powerful and we simply couldn’t do it without you. We’ve also received pro-bono support from a range of individuals and organisations who have understood that it’s all hands on deck when it comes making the change we need.


We know it takes the right team to achieve a massive goal. We want Kiwis to come around this big, ambitious vision and put their shoulder to it. We also know having fun is an important part of any mission. Being an ocean lover isn’t enough anymore, we need to be ocean champions.

Join us. Be part of Live Ocean.

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