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Our purpose

To have a healthy future, we must have a healthy ocean. We need to foster an ocean with clear, clean water, abundant fish populations and thriving marine ecosystems. Where we prioritise the importance of the ocean in a healthy future and invest in knowledge that supports this ambition. Where we understand that by restoring and protecting our ocean, we all benefit.

We believe

We believe Aotearoa New Zealand has a special role to play as guardians of one the of the largest and most significant ocean spaces on the planet. As New Zealanders we need to step up and act with urgency and decisiveness. For too long we believed the ocean was too big to fail. Now, the science is clear, the ocean and the life in it is in crises from multiple stressors; climate change, pollution and over-fishing. We’re not moving fast enough, not even close.

In Aotearoa, the ocean is part of who we are. We are voyagers and ocean people. Settled first by waka on voyages across the Pacific Ocean that required great skill and courage, then later by ship. Our ocean, which contains major highways for whales, sharks, turtles, tuna and seabirds means we have a significant role in advancing global understanding. To make the right decisions we need to accelerate the committed talent. That as well as supporting local ocean science, innovators and communicators who are leaders in their fields, we need to be ambitious. We also believe sport can play a significant role in bringing people around this issues and is a powerful mechanism for change. The race for a live ocean is on. Join us.

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