Songs of the Sea


Most of us can’t remember the former abundance of the Hauraki Gulf, or what has been lost. Songs of the Sea is an innovative new multi-media series that uses archival photography, film and audio to tell personal stories of the Hauraki Gulf’s past abundance, and highlight what has been lost.

Sue Neureuter’s account of growing up visiting the Noises Islands in her holidays, just north of Waiheke is the first of the series. It has been in her family since the 1930’s, and she has witnessed the decline in marine life and seabird population first-hand. Other voices include Keith and Ailsa Lewis, pioneer divers from the 1960s, as well as wisdom from beyond the grave from legendary marine advocate Wade Doak and kaumatua Laly Haddon.

Songs of the Sea aims to inspire a new generation who are tasked with the collective responsibility to be the guardians of one of New Zealand’s most remarkable ecosystems.


We’re supporting the pilot phase of Seascape, an ocean conservation innovation being developed by New Zealand Geographic. It aims to pioneer underwater photogrammetry technology to transform our understanding of the marine realm and provide a visual baseline for scientists.

The result will be a landscape-scale, photographic map of ecologically significant parts of the seafloor, providing high quality data and images that are freely available to researchers and the public.

Unlike sonar imaging, photogrammetry is millimetre accurate and true-colour, allowing researchers to accurately identify, count or measure individual organisms. It will help track habitat changes and allow for the exploration of habitats that are out of reach of diver-based surveys.

New Zealand Geographic have a deep commitment to the marine environment and are also a global leader in underwater virtual reality production. They produced the NZ-VR Project (rolled out in schools by Blake Trust), which has delivered 800,000 VR experiences to Kiwis to date.


We’re supporting the pilot phase of Seascape which aims to:


  • Develop pioneering underwater photogrammetry technology to transform our understanding of the marine realm and provide a visual baseline for scientists
  • Move from manual photogrammetric methods to technology that will allow the creation of hectare size models in the Hauraki Gulf and other significant sites around New Zealand
  • As the capability develops it will also be a powerful communication tool using augmented and virtual reality technologies
“Adapting photogrammetry technology for use underwater will give us the view of our marine habitats that satellite imagery provides on land. Our hope is that this insight leads to better decision making, more robust science, and a public more engaged in the fate of the marine space.”

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