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The issues facing the ocean are not new. For decades scientists have been signalling the unprecedented loss of biodiversity, water quality and diminishment of ecosystem health. These issues are largely out of sight. Below the waterline. It’s harder to see and easier to ignore. We all love it, but we need to move to guardians. First, we need to care. Effective communication and connecting people with how remarkable, special, and fragile it is, needs to be prioritised.

It’s common knowledge that a picture tells a thousand words. At Live Ocean, we know first-hand how powerful, relevant local imagery is in connecting the public to what is happening below the waterline. We also know access to images is a barrier for conservation groups out there doing the mahi on tiny budgets. Aotearoa’s distinctive ocean space means foreign stock imagery doesn’t resonate. Local footage, especially underwater, is often expensive and time-consuming to source.

New Zealand’s first marine conservation image library, Project Kahurangi is the solution. 1,000 images. 200 videos. Royalty-free.

Imagery is vital to make ocean conservation messaging resonate. Project Kahurangi will be a powerful resource, giving conservation groups across Aotearoa access to compelling photos and videos.

“Project Kahurangi was born out of a genuine love for the ocean and a desire to do something to care for it rather than profit from it” said Gareth Cooke, founder and photographer of Project Kahurangi. “I decided to take action when I noticed some of the communications coming out around ocean restoration lacked impact visually, leaving the story half told. People need to see first-hand what is going on but also to be visually inspired enough to be more empathetic to our amazing ocean environment. We need to act with a sense of urgency, because if we don’t, who will?”



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