These birds are New Zealanders – they nest and breed in our Antipodes Islands and then take flight in the Pacific. Albatrosses and other seabirds are ship followers and are accidentally caught when longlines are being set by commercial fishing vessels. It is thought climate change is driving the albatrosses to feed in more northern waters where large fishing fleets are concentrated.

Photo Credit – Jodi Osgood-Webber

Seabirds are considered an indicator of a healthy ocean – a live ocean. Yet in the last 14 years, two thirds of the world’s breeding Antipodean albatross have died, declining from about 17,000 breeding birds in 2004 to 6,000 in 2019. We’re losing two a day on average. That’s 800 breeding birds dying every year unnecessarily. The population is in freefall, and unless immediate action is taken we’ll lose this incredible New Zealand bird.

The albatross is an iconic species to sailors and have a strong connection with Ocean Race sailors who see them in the inhospitable Southern Ocean.



We are raising funds and working with Southern Seabirds Solutions Trust to identify and accelerate positive action including satellite tracking, seabird smart fishing practices and innovation.

Innovations like the GPS satellite trackers can pinpoint the location of the birds to within a few metres. It is then overlaid with Global Fishing Watch data to identify and work with fleets on ways to keep our albatrosses safe from being hooked.

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“During the Volvo Race in the Southern Ocean we would be pushing the boat real hard, there would be water all over the deck. Then you’d see an albatross keeping up, making it look so easy, so effortless. We can’t lose this bird on our watch.”


We know it takes the right team to achieve a massive goal. We want Kiwis to come around this big, ambitious vision and put their shoulder to it. We also know having fun is an important part of any mission. Being an ocean lover isn’t enough anymore, we need to be ocean champions.

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