Sharing Mātauranga

Aotearoa New Zealand’s story is intrinsically linked to the moana and the many wayfinders who voyaged across the ocean.

Knowledge and appreciation of our history is critical in rebuilding our connection with the ocean. By learning about those who crossed the ocean before us we can restore and protect it for future generations.

We’ve teamed up with Te Toki Voyaging Trust (TTVT) to highlight traditional voyaging as a vehicle through which mātauranga (knowledge) can join with western science to create a culture of caring for the environment and sustaining people.

TTVT was founded by Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr (Tainui). Hoturoa’s whakapapa links him deeply to Kāwhia Moana, the ancient settlement of the Tainui people and Canoe.

TTVT’s mission is to provide opportunities in all aspects of indigenous Māori/Pacific culture for isolated communities and minority groups. Their vision is to build sustainable communities using traditional environmental practices and mātauranga.

As part of this collaboration, Live Ocean is providing 3-years of capacity support. This is to enable TTVT to deliver more of their invaluable work with rangatahi and the wider community which carries respect for the marine environment at its core.

Korero tukuiho (intergenerational oral histories) remind us of our essential connections intimately communicating the vitality of our taiao (environment) when it is in balance. The health of the environment is our ultimate indicator of well-being.

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