New Zealand SailGP Team Leads Impact League

CÁDIZ, SPAIN – October 7, 2021

The New Zealand SailGP Team has strengthened its position at the top of the Impact League with three events remaining in SailGP Season 2. A second leaderboard, which runs alongside the Season Championship, the Impact League tracks the positive actions teams take to reduce their overall carbon footprint and help accelerate inclusivity in sailing.

SailGP’s Impact League awards points to each team based on how well they perform against certain sustainability criteria. E.g, using technology and innovation to reduce their carbon footprint.

The New Zealand SailGP Team has led the Impact League since its inception in Season 2 and further cemented its position at the top of the leaderboard following a strong performance at the France Sail Grand Prix in Saint-Tropez which saw the team lead in six of the 10 criteria.

Co-CEO and wing trimmer Blair Tuke said: “We’re stoked to be leading the Impact League at this point in the season. Like racing, it’s a huge team effort so it’s really pleasing to see how everyone has come together to take on this challenge.

“We’re really trying to be the best we can in every way we operate, pushing ourselves to come up with innovative ways to set up the boat in the most sustainable way, introducing new technologies and using our voice for good to share the message of ocean restoration and protection with our #RaceForTheFuture charity partner Live Ocean.”

At the end of the season there will be two podiums, with the winner of the Impact League crowned alongside the Season Champion and earning funding for its purpose partner.

Co-CEO and driver Peter Burling said: “It’s great to see the other teams pushing and coming up with new ways of innovating and learning from one another. The overall bar for the league is rising and that can only be a good thing for the environment.”

SailGP director of purpose and impact Fiona Morgan said: “Sustainability has been embedded in the New Zealand SailGP Team since day one and the Impact League has really allowed them to accelerate action even quicker with everyone in the team getting involved. It’s amazing to see our athletes using their platform for good, and inspiring their fans.”

Live Ocean chief executive Sally Paterson said: “The team has jumped in and made Live Ocean part of who they are and how they operate and it’s great to see that reflected in the Impact League leaderboard. Being able to use their voices and platform of their sport for the issues facing the ocean is really powerful.”

The New Zealand SailGP Team is continuing to use its voice for good ahead of the Spain Sail Grand Prix in Andalusia-Cádiz this weekend (9-10 October live and on replay on Sky Sport NZ).

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