Ocean champions join team Live Ocean to Run4TheGulf
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From left: Liv Mackay, Blair Tuke, Peter Burling and Jono Ridler

An incredible ultra-distance swimmer, an accomplished foiling sailor, and a Celebrity Treasure Island winner have been announced today as ocean champions set to represent Live Ocean (Peter Burling and Blair Tuke’s marine conservation charity) at the 2024 edition of the iconic Round the Bays fun run.

Jono Ridler (the swimmer), Liv Mackay (the sailor) and Jesse Tuke (the TV celebrity) are taking part in the iconic fun run to Run4TheGulf, helping shine a spotlight on the underwater state of Tīkapa Moana Hauraki Gulf.

Live Ocean Foundation is the official charity partner of the 2024 Southern Cross Round the Bays fun run and Burling and Tuke, together with team Live Ocean’s three ambassadors, are looking to muster as many people as possible to join them and be part of team Live Ocean on the 8.4km waterfront course on 3 March 2024.

Blair Tuke, Live Ocean co-founder, says, “Tīkapa Moana can look stunning above the waterline, but below the surface it’s a different story and its heart breaking to see the state it’s in. Run4TheGulf will help show we want action to protect and restore it to the thriving marine ecosystem it once was.”

Run4TheGulf branded singlets will be available through Live Ocean at cost-only pricing so team runners can visibly show their support. Fundraising is optional for those joining team Live Ocean, but for those who do, 100% of funds raised will go directly to support Live Ocean’s science and research project partners doing work in the Hauraki Gulf.

Peter Burling says; “Support for marine scientists and researchers working in the Hauraki Gulf will help inform protection decisions and speed up restoration efforts.  That’s why we’re putting all funds raised by team Live Ocean participating in Run4TheGulf straight into vital work happening here that can make a real difference.”

In April 2023 Jono Ridler took on, and achieved, an unprecedented open water swim starting at Aotea Great Barrier Island and ending at Campbells Bay on Auckland’s North Shore. He swum for more than 33 hours, close to 100km, non-stop, no wetsuit and smashed the New Zealand record – capturing the attention of people across the country and highlighting the need for action in the Hauraki Gulf.

One year on from that, Ridler’s commitment to asking for action for the Gulf hasn’t waned. “It was really positive to see the Hauraki Gulf Tikapa Moana Marine Protection Bill introduced to parliament in October 2023 including plans for increased marine protection, followed by movement towards an important phasing out of bottom trawling in the Gulf. Run4TheGulf will help ensure decision makers are clear about what Aucklanders want, and that’s a thriving Hauraki Gulf for future generations to enjoy.”

Liv Mackay is one of New Zealand’s foremost female foiling sailors, helm and leader of the Live Ocean Racing 2022 and 2023 campaigns in the ETF26 class. She’s a member of the NZ SailGP team and happy gunning around a short stadium style race-track on an F50 catamaran at speeds close to 100 kilometres per hour.

As a sailor Mackay is passionate about the ocean. “More recently I’ve learned from scientists and researchers about the challenges facing the ocean, globally, around New Zealand, and here in the Hauraki and it’s motivated me to do what I can. I’m stoked to be part of team Live Ocean for Run4TheGulf.”

Jesse Tuke selected Live Ocean as his chosen charity for Celebrity Treasure Island 2022 and went on to win $110,000 for the foundation co-founded by his brother Blair, which went directly to support project partners working in ocean health and outreach. He’s amped to be donning the Run4TheGulf singlet for Round the Bays 2024.

“It was epic to see the prize money I won put straight into ocean health initiatives. Blair’s definitely got my number on the water, but I’m confident I can smoke him on dry land. All in the name of ocean health, of course!”

Go to Run4TheGulf.com for information and registration links.

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Live Ocean is a marine conservation foundation committed to scaling up action for the ocean. Founded by sailors and ocean champions, Peter Burling and Blair Tuke, the foundation scales up marine science, innovation and outreach to connect and ignite people around the role a healthy ocean plays in a healthy future. We partner with exceptional New Zealand marine scientists, innovators and communicators whose work has global implications for the protection of the ocean and the life in it. To have a healthy future, we must have a healthy ocean.

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